Virginia Farr

Virginia Farr held a Commercial license and an instructor's rating with nearly 1000 hours of logged flight time when she applied for service in the British Air Transport Auxiliary. At 24 she was already an active member of the Ninety-Nines, the women pilot's organization begun by Amelia Earhart. Jackie Cochran was President of the organization when she began recruiting for the ATA and Farr was a likely candidate.
Farr complete her Canadian checkout and traveled to England with the first group of American women in March of 1942. She served with the ATA until June 1945.
Farr returned to the United States with her English friend and partner, Vivian Jeffery who also had served in the British Air Transport Auxiliary. She and Jeffrey owned and operated the V2 Ranch in California and raise registered Hereford cattle and Welsh Corgi dogs. Farr died in 1988

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