Betty Lussier

Third Officer in Air Transport Auxiliary from November 1942 thru April 1943
Stationed at # 5 Ferry Pool at Luton.

1943-1945 Service with Office of Strategic Services,
counter-espionage (X2) branch in Algeria, Sicily,
Italy and France.

1950's Introduced hybrid corn into Morocco and started
schools, maternity services and recreational facilities
for farm labor.

1960's Set up schools and family health clinics in slum areas
of Madrid, Spain with volunteer assistance from
Spanish teachers and doctors.

1970's Graduated from the University of Maryland and
Columbia University with studies in Community
Organization and Development.

1980's Returned to Morocco to take part in the first joint
USA/Morocco Women's Development project, with
A focus on identifying and setting up income
generating activities for Moroccan women.

1990's Evaluated and designed Human Development
projects in New York state; working with the
Haitian community and State health institutes.

Publications: "Amid My Alien Corn" Lippincott Company
Aircrafts Flown for the ATA:
Hart, Magister, Fairchild, Tiger Moth, Anson and
Hours Logged: 197

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