Aline Rhonie Brooks

Aline Rhonie was one of two American women to join the Air Transport Auxiliary on their own and travel to England outside the auspices of Jackie Cochran. Aline Rhonie was one of the most accomplished pilots in the States as WWII entered into the American way of life. She was the fourth woman to join the WAFS (Women's Auxiliary Flying Squadron) headed by Nancy Love to ferry aircraft within the United States. She left the WAFS in a short time and headed to England in November 1943. She served in the ATA until November 1944.
Rhonie was a pioneer aviatrix. She was a co-founder of the Luscombe Airplane Co. in Kansas City, MO. She also was the first woman to fly solo from New York to Mexico City and return to New York. She also painted an early aviation era fresco covering a 120 ft. wall in a hangar at Long Island's Roosevelt Field

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