Phil Rogers

Born December 29, 1926, in Plaistow East London and schooled in London and Southampton. Worked as an apprentice fitter at Air Service Training in Hamble, from January 1941 to July 1943, on Spitfire and Hampden repairs. Qualified at No 1917 Southampton ATC Squadron in Phase 'A', Part 1, and Part 2 Advanced Exams for Pilot Training. Hired as an Air Cadet, by Commodore Margot Gore of 15 Ferry Pool in Hamble, July 20, 1943. Accepted by the Royal Air Force for Pilot Training, June 28, 1944, sent back home to wait until age 18. Advised by the Royal Air Force that my services would not be needed January 18, 1945. Tried to enlist in the Fleet Air Arm, but had to wait until I was released from the Royal Air Force. Released from the Royal Air Force effective January 31, 1945.Called up the Army effective February 1, 1945 Remained in the Army, serving in India, and Germany, demobilized from the Army in August 1948. Applied again to Royal Air Force in January 1949, and Ground Training at RAF Kirton In Lindsey, and RAF Wittering, from March 9, 1949 through August 30 1949. Flight Training at RAF Feltwell, where I graduated as above the Average and commissioned Pilot Officer, top of Class No. 31, August 31, 1950. Posted to RAF Driffield for Jet Training on Vampires and Meteors 13 September 1950, through 21 January 1951. Posted to RAF Stradishall for operational training, and gunnery, 22 January 1951 through March 26, 1951.

Posted to No 263 Squadron, at RAF Wattisham, 27, March 1951 through July 1953 serving as an operational pilot, as a gunnery Instructor, and Instrument Rated. Assigned as Adjutant to the Wattisham Wing August 1 1953 through September 3, 1953. Posted as a Gunnery Instructor to 233 Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Pembrey October 3, 1953 through April 1954. Accepted for Flight Instructor Training at RAF South Cerney, and RAF Little Rissington, April 9, 1954, and graduated as a B2 Flight Instructor August 18, 1954, and posted to Oxford University Air Squadron, to March 9, 1957, during which time was graded from B2, to B1, and finally to A2. Completed my 8 years Short Service Commission with the RAF, March 9, 1957, and Emigrated to Montreal Canada. March 1957 through October 1963, worked as Chief Flight Instructor, at Montreal Flying Club, Skylane Aviation, Curtiss Reid, and Laurentide Aviation. Hired as an Instructor to Rolls Royce Customers at Rolls Royce Canada, Montreal, on the Rolls Royce Dart, and Spey, October 1963 through August 1966. Assigned by Rolls Royce as a Service Representative in the U.S., providing Customer Support to Rolls Royce Corporate operators using Gulfstreams I and II, and airlines using BAC-111, AW Argosy, HP Jetstreams, from January 1967 through May 1972. Resigned Rolls in May 1972 to join Ozark Airlines at St. Louis, Missouri, as a Maintenance Planner, and Reliability Manager. Assigned as Power-Plant Manager at TWA in Kansas City in June 1986, for all engines in the MD-80, DC-9, and B7272 fleets, until retirement in January 1991.

Set my own consulting company, providing technical support to Banks and Leasing companies, leasing aircraft to the major airlines world-wide, from January 1991, until full retirement in 2001. There is no doubt in my mind, that my service and experience gained during my 18 months with the ATA, during WW II, and the encouragement the Ladies of 15 Ferry Pool gave me, was the MAIN contribution in allowing me to enjoy a career in the aviation industry.

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