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Group at Ratcliffe no.6 Ferry Pool
Photo: Unknown
Maureen Dunlop de Popp,Chili Duhalde,a visiting RAF officer,Rosamond Steenramp and 
Ann Wood-Kelly at Ratcliffe  no.6 Ferry Pool Leicestershire, England.
Pilots at Ratcliffe
Photo: Ann Wood Kelly
Ann Wood-Kelly arriving back at no.6 Ferry Pool with some of her Ratcliffe buddies after a 
full day of delivering aircraft. She was the Anson Taxi pilot that day. 
She was able to visit a strawberry farm and load up,to the delight of all at the Mess that evening.
This photo is of No. 1 Ferry Pool, White Waltham
Photo: N.Y. Times Magazine Aug 1942
Left to Right: Virginia Farr (FIrst ) Louise Shuurman (Second) Helen Richey (Thrid ) Pauline Gower (Fourth ) 
Jackie Cochran (Far Right )
Ann Wood flying a Spitfire
Barbra Wotjulanis from Poland
Dorval Airport, Montreal
Author: AWK
Polly Potter, Ann Wood and Helen Harrison being checked out at Dorval Airport, Montreal in March of 1942
This Captures the first all Women"s Ferry Pool no.15 at Hamble near Southampton, England
Author: The Mary Web Nicholson Collection
Helen Richey of Pittsburgh, PA climbs into Cockpit.
Pilots Logbook
Author: Ann Wood Kelly
Ann Wood-Kellys logbook. The page which represents Anns busiest month ferring planes.
Nancy Miller
Author: Stratford
Nancy Miller March 1944 standing by Spitfire in England.
Pauline Gower
Author: unknown
Pauline Gower  Commandant of the ATA-Womens Section
Phil Rogers
Phil Rogers Graduation Photo No. 3  F.T.S. Feltwell August 1950
Raising the Flag at White Waltham
Author: Unknown
Faith Bennett (left) ,Diana Barto Walker (center) and Ann Wood-Kelly (right) presenting an 
ATA flag to the church at White Waltham near Maidenhead,England.
Ratcliffe officers
Ratcliffe Hall
Author: Unknown
Ratcliffe Hall Leicestershire, England home to the no.6 Ferry Pool.
Returning Home
Author: AWK
1945 Happy Threesome ( Nancy Stratford, Louis Schuurman and Edith Foltz Stearns ) Preparing to Return Home 
after Three Years of Service with the ATA. Taken outside American Red Cross House 10 Charles St. London.
Sherburne Yvonne
Author: unknown
Audrey Morgan sitting on the cowling,Pete Peterson in the cockpit, Ruth Russell and James on top of the wing.
Sitting under the wing are Joe Ratcliff (USA) and Suzanne Chapman. On the Ground standing are Burnhill, 
Joy Gough, unkown, Gordon Rymer, and Johnny Thorpe.
Summer of 42
Author: AWK
From Bottom Hazel Raines, Grace Stevenson, Virginia Garst, Helen Harrison, Sue Ford and Ann Wood.
First picture in uniform. Summer of 42. Six of Twenty-five Pilots.
ATA Cartoon
"Even if you have paid three Guineas for it Saltmarsh, I tell you, you cant wear it on parade"
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